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Let Me In This Ae Night, Boxwood Media, 2011

Tout Passe, Suzie LeBlanc, Atma Classique, 2007

Lion, Concerto Caledonia, Boxwood Media, 2007

La Mer Jolie, Suzie LeBlanc, Atma Classique, 2005

In the Fields in Frost & Snow, The Chris Norman Ensemble, Boxwood Media, 2004

Skyedance Live in Spain, Skyedance, Culburnie Records, 2003

Wind & Wire, with Byron Schenkman, Boxwood Media, 2003

The Caledonian Flute, Chris Norman Ensemble, Boxwood Media 2002

Adew Dundee, The Baltimore Consort, Dorian Recordings, 2002

Mungrel Stuff, Concerto Caledonia, Linn Records, 2001

The Flower of Port Wiliams, Chris Norman Ensemble, Dorian Recordings, 2000

The Mad Buckgoat, The Baltimore Consort, Dorian Recordings, 2000

Reel of Tulloch, Chatham Baroque, Dorian Recordings, 2000

Labyrinth, Skyedance, Culburnie Records, 2000

The Ladyes Delight, The Baltimore Consort, Dorian Recordings, 1999

A Winter Solstice, Helicon, Dorian Recordings, 1999

Colin's Kisses, Concerto Caledonia, Linn Records, 1999

Way Out to Hope Street, Skyedance, Culburnie Records, 1998

Portraits, Chris Norman, Dorian Recordings, 1999

Tunes from the Attic, The Baltimore Consort, Dorian Recordings, 1998

The Daemon Lover, Custer LaRue, Dorian Recordings, 1998

A Trip to Kilburn, The Baltimore Consort, Dorian Recordings, 1997

Highlands, Camerata Bariloche, Dorian Recordings, 1997

Dawn Dance, Alasdair Fraser, Culburnie Records, 1996

Bright Day Star, The Baltimore Consort, Dorian Recordings, 1996

Lullaby Journey, Custer LaRue & Kim Robertson, Dorian Recordings, 1996

Art of the Bawdy Song, The Baltimore Consort, Dorian Recordings, 1995

Beauty of the North, Chris Norman, Dorian Recordings, 1994

La Rocque 'n' Roll, The Baltimore Consort, Dorian Recordings, 1994

Watkins Ale, The Baltimore Consort, Dorian Recordings, 1993

Man with the Wooden Flute, Chris Norman, Dorian Recordings, 1992

On the Banks of Helicon, The Baltimore Consort, Dorian Recordings, 1992

Horizons, Helicon, Dorian Recordings, 1992

The Titan, Helicon, Dorian Recordings, 1989


Stone of Destiny (Infinity Features - 2008)

Soldier (20th Century Fox - 1998)

Titanic (Warner -1997), (multiple Oscar winner including best soundtrack)


Sunshine of St. Eulalie, flute choir in 7 parts

Noels for Orchestra, soloists with orchestra

Acadian Suite, soloists with orchestra

Out of Orkney, flute, harp & string orchestra

Old Scots Dances, flute & orchestra


Doctor of Laws. LLD, (h.c.), Dalhouseie University, 2015

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for contribution to the arts in Canada, 2012

State of Maryland Individual Artist Governors Citation; June, 2002

Indie Award for Best Seasonal Album (Winter Solstice), Association for Independent Music, 2001

Indie Award for Best Celtic Album (Dawn Dance), Association for Independent Music, 1996

Indie Award Finalist, Celtic Album (Way out to Hope Street), Association for Independent Music, 1997

CBC Radio (Canada) 'Disc Drive' Listeners Choice award 1994

Billboard Charts; Classical Crossover - 1992 (Man with the Wooden Flute)


"A musician like Chris Norman comes along, oh, perhaps once in a century. He's the kind of player whose virtuosity serves the music without becoming the performance itself; whose exceptional technique not only is of the "he's so good he makes it sound easy" variety, but also frees the music to reel out as if it, the instrument, and the player were one communicative entity. " -- CD Review

". . .Norman stands out for his spirited eclecticism . . . His rootsy heritage shines through in every nuanced embellishment, trill, triple tonguing, and silky slide. It's clear that Norman is having a ball, with the chops to make it sound effortless." -- Billboard Magazine

" . . .a flute player of spectacular & imaginative virtuosity" -- The New Yorker Magazine

"A flute superstar . . .the musicianship just came wailing out" --Toronto Globe & Mail

"The finest wooden flute player in the world . . .and few that have heard him play would dispute that description." -- Halifax Mail Star

" . . .The Chris Norman Ensemble wondrously demonstrated that classical and folk need not necessarily be separate entities at all. They can intertwine to enchanting effect . . .Norman's agility with his wooden flutes was exceptional, as was his way of conveying the expressive heart of each piece. He has formed a marvelous ensemble of like-minded musicians." -- Cleveland Plain Dealer

" . . .one of music's most talented performers. Norman is certainly a special musician. In solos or accompaniments, Norman brilliantly spun out delicate phrase after phrase, bridging the centuries-wide gap to make the music ours. . . With whoops more reminiscent of a pop concert, it could have set purists on their collective ears were it not for the fact that these guys [The Chris Norman Ensemble] could do it all . . . it was charmin' Norman's night, whether hovering expertly between several flutes or pumping the bellows of the Scottish small pipes. He is a star in this Celtic crossover firmament, titillating with triple-tonguing and then turning around to caress a folk melody as if it were the best of Mozart." -- Pittsburgh Post Gazette

"I was recently heard to remark that it would be wonderful to feel as at home with anything as Chris Norman seems to be with his flutes, and this CD is further evidence if any were needed of the exceptional talent and musicality he possesses. His playing of this repertoire is never less than utterly convincing . . .musical characters such as Chris Norman are rare in any generation . . ." -- Early Music

"In the spotlight on several numbers was flutist/bagpiper Chris Norman. Norman is a commanding, expressive player. He sails through dances with endless energy, giving the sort of continuous circular motion to his phrases that makes it tough to just sit still and listen. These pieces demand actual dancing. Norman plays with the expressive freedom of a singer and the improvisational freedom of a jazz player. He manages colorful, controlled sounds and accurate pitch even from instruments as unwieldy as the bellows-operated bagpipes or as cantankerous as a keyless Renaissance flute." -- Milwaukee Sentinel

" . . . pleased to hear the distinctive, virtuoso flute playing of Chris Norman, unquestionably the world's foremost performer of this [Scottish Baroque] repertoire (and a consummate musician by any standard), whose wide-ranging skills are on display as both soloist and accompanist." -- Classics Today

" . . .you might describe Chris Norman as the Jean-Pierre Rampal or the James Galway of the wooden flute . . . he is in a class by himself for the agility, the expressiveness, the subtlety of dynamics and phrasing that he generates . . ." -- Washington Post

" . . .you'd never hear such warm, organic, mellow tone from a sliver flute. Norman's not just a virtuoso, he's a flute-playing wonder" -- HiFi Review

" . . . distinctive, virtuoso flute playing . . . unquestionably the world's foremost performer of Scottish Baroque repertoire (and a consummate musician by any standard), whose wide-ranging skills were on display as both soloist and accompanist . . ." -- Classics Today

" . . .bar none the best traditional flute player in the country" -- Indianapolis Star

" . . .exquisite . . .[on Highlands] Norman's flute playing is so strong and engaging that it takes an effort to realize there is an orchestra with him." -- Dirty Linen

"Chris Norman is one of the most exciting flute players today. . . [He] is able to create so much expression with grace and clarity in his playing, and he knows how to arrange a tune for maximum impact and effect. ...It 's obvious when listening to Norman play that he has a deep and irrevocable connection to folk music. Whether playing an Irish, Canadian, or American tune, Norman captures the essence of the people behind the music in his delightful phrasing, gentle lilt, and unquestionable passion. Norman's clear, pure tone is matched only by the soul he breathes into his music." -- Green Man Review

" . . .Chris Norman's easy technical prowess seems to inspire the other instrumentalists to heights of laid-back virtuosity." -- Early Music Review

"One of the warmest, loveliest tines ever heard by the human ear . . .Chris Norman is a master. -- The Herald, Provo UT